Pure Acrylic Emulsion Paint For Aerocel Insulation Products

Aerocel Aerocoat Is A Pure Acrylic Emulsion Water Based Latex Paint Especially Designed For Use With Aerocel Insulation Products. Aerocel Aerocoat Has Superb Properties That Help Protect Against Ultraviolet Rays And Other Adverse Weather Conditions. Aerocel Aerocoat Having Elongation Properties Of Over 400% Promotes Superior Adhesion. Aerocel Coating Is Effective As A Protective Coating Or Decorative Coating For Aerocel Insulation Products And Provides A Smoothing Aesthetic Appearance That Lasts For Many Years. Aerocel Aerocoat Is Supplied In Quarts And Gallons And Is Available In Black Or White.

Stir Thoroughly Before Applying With Brush Or Roller. All Surfaces To Be Coated Must Be Thoroughly Clean, Free From Oil, Grease Or Other Contaminants. Where A Surface Has Been Previously Coated, Remove As Much Of The Old Coating As Possible Before Applying Aerocel Aerocoat. Where Coating Is Required, It Is Recommended That 2 Coats Be Applied. Allow 3 To 4 Hours Drying Time Before Second Coat Is Applied. No Primer Is Required. One Gallon Will Cover Up To 400 Sq. Ft. Aerocel Aerocoat Can Be Diluted Using Clean Water At A Rate Not To Exceed 10% By Volume.

Non Flammable And Non Toxic. Close Cover Tightly After Use. Mix Aerocel Aerocoat With Water In Accordance To Amount Needed. Avoid Mixing More Than Required As It Is Not Advisable To Store Aerocel Aerocoat That Is Mixed With Water More Than 5 Days. Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children.

Physical Properties
Composition: Selected 100% Acrylic Emulsion Paint
Net Weight: Approximately 10#/Gal. 2.5#/Qt.
Solids: Approximately 50% By Weight
Viscosity: Thick Smooth Consistency For Easy Application
Application: Brush Or Roller
Coverage: Up To 400 Sq. Ft./Gal
Shelf Life: One Year. Store At Room Temperature. Avoid Freezing.
Drying Time: Three To Four Hours For Second Coat.
Container Size: Quarts And Gallons
Flammability: Water Base, Not Flammable